Get started with our Dental Employment Agency

Don't cancel patients! Use a Dental Employment Agency to staff your office.

Getting your dental office staffed using a dental employment agency is fast, efficient and saves you the hassle of the hiring process.

Dental Dynamic Staffing fills temporary staff vacancies without the burden of additional paperwork, tax burdens, and strain on your resources.

Our dental employment agency has a very specific process that makes it easy to start the process and get your office -- or keep your office running smoothly with highly qualified dental professionals.


convert-to-hireReceive Request
We receive a request for open positions – 24 hours a day.
computer-mgmtStart candidate search
Search from our vast database of licensed dental professionals.
paperworkCandidate list
Present client with the top options.
interview2Follow up
Confirm that your needs have been met: arrival check, timesheet filled out accurately, and feedback provided
peopleHandle Operations
We pay the candidate and withhold all applicable payroll taxes. You receive one invoice – risk and hassle free.
to-do-listEasy transition options
We offer a convert-to-hire option in the event that you are interested in hiring your temporary dental professional.