Full Service Dental Staffing
Solve your staffing challenges and focus on what you do best.

Our goal is to find you the most qualified employees with dental specific backgrounds to build a solid team while increasing your office’s bottom line.

Dental Dynamic Staffing saves you moneySimple Billing
You receive one simple invoice at the end of the week.

Stack_of_Papers1We Do The Paperwork
We handle all the required legal and tax paperwork.

iStock_000008378947XSmallBackground Screening
We ensure that all of our professional candidates have completed background and licensure checks.

iStock_000007967775MediumConvert to Hire Program
DDS clients have an opportunity to hire temporary staff to a full time position at no cost after fulfilling specific requirements.

Dental Dynamic Staffing save you timeWe Are Ready
We’re on call 24-hours a day ready for any vacancy.

Stop LightAny Need
We’re ready to fill your staffing needs, no matter what the reason.

iStock_000012115072MediumThe Right People
Our talent pool consists of experienced professionals that can fill a spectrum of positions.

Pay DayPayroll Services
Our payroll service can help your office spend more time concentrating on what your office does best.

acct_manOnline Account Management
Submit work orders, manage billing, manage resources and more.

iStock_000008674333SmallMinimizes Hassle and Risk
Employee Compensation, Workers Compensation, Unemployment Claims and Tax Witholding.

What staffing service is right for you?

Full Service
We will fill your staffing needs with qualified and professional employees. We handle the paperwork, payroll, tax and other liabilities. You will receive one simple bill!

Direct Hire
Your time is valuable. Dental Dynamic Staffing takes the hassle and frustration out of the hiring process with a talented pool of qualified candidates to keep you fully staffed.

Referral Based
Referral Based Temporary Staffing is a great way to keep your office fully staffed at a reduced cost. We’ll send you qualified professionals when you need them.