Direct Hire Dental Staffing

Save time, effort and get the right people.

With our direct hire service, we'll match quality candidates to your dental practice. DDS will provide you with qualified candidates ready to work saving you the time and frustration that often comes with the hiring process.

Direct Hire Dental Staffing saves you money

We'll save you money
Dental Dynamic Staffing can reduce time and cost associated with hiring new permanent staff. You won’t be burdened with placing countless expensive job listings in periodicals and online. If you consider the cost associated with advertising against the fee charged by Dental Dynamic, you will see just how much money you will save.

Direct Hire Dental Staffing saves you time

We'll save you time.
We recognize that your time is valuable. We are experts at filtering through applicants and can save you time by arranging interviews with candidates that meet your unique requirements. Instead of reading through stacks of resumes, you simply choose from a selection of potential employees provided to you by Dental Dynamic Staffing. It's that simple.


We'll have you staffed faster.
With an abundant talent pool of screened candidates, we can start providing qualified candidates almost immediately depending on your needs.

Complete Solutions.
As a full service temporary staffing agency we offer a variety of temp-to-hire options.
We staff the following dental professionals:

  • Dentists Locum Tenens
  • Hygienists
  • Dental Assistants
  • Orthodontic and Oral Surgeon Assistants
  • Treatment Planners
  • Office Managers and front office staff
  • Book Keepers and Medical Billers
  • Laboratory and Sterilization Technicians

What staffing service is right for you?

Full Service
We will fill your staffing needs with qualified and professional employees. We handle the paperwork, payroll, tax and other liabilities. You will receive one simple bill!

Direct Hire
Your time is valuable. Dental Dynamic Staffing takes the hassle and frustration out of the hiring process with a talented pool of qualified candidates to keep you fully staffed.

Referral Based
Referral Based Temporary Staffing is a great way to keep your office fully staffed at a reduced cost. We’ll send you qualified professionals when you need them.