Payroll Service

Keep your practice focused on treating patients while minimizing risk.

This payroll service is different from our normal temporary service. The rate of our payroll service is lower than our normal staffing rate because we are working with employees who have been directly recruited by our clients rather than by Dental Dynamic. Oftentimes, our clients use our payroll service for potential candidates when they want to do a working interview or when they would like to work with them on a trial basis. Some clients also use our payroll service for bringing back laid off or retired employees for shorter term project work.

Dental Dynamic Payroll Services allows offices to retain proven talent while eliminating the administrative burden associated with payroll deductions, insurance, workers’ compensation and more. Dental Dynamic Payroll Services assumes all legal obligations for Payroll Service employees’ wages, payroll deductions, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation. We also allow you to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive payroll data, while freeing you to concentrate on your professional practice.

Dental Dynamic Staffing saves you moneySimple Billing
You receive one simple invoice at the end of the week.

Stack_of_Papers1We Do The Paperwork
We handle all the required legal and tax paperwork.

Pay DayPayroll Services
Our payroll service can help your office spend more time concentrating on what your office does best.

acct_manOnline Account Management
Submit work orders, manage billing, manage resources and more.

iStock_000008674333SmallMinimizes Hassle and Risk
Employee Compensation, Workers Compensation, Unemployment Claims and Tax Witholding.

What staffing service is right for you?

Full Service
We will fill your staffing needs with qualified and professional employees. We handle the paperwork, payroll, tax and other liabilities. You will receive one simple bill!

Direct Hire
Your time is valuable. Dental Dynamic Staffing takes the hassle and frustration out of the hiring process with a talented pool of qualified candidates to keep you fully staffed.

Referral Based
Referral Based Temporary Staffing is a great way to keep your office fully staffed at a reduced cost. We’ll send you qualified professionals when you need them.

Think of us as your business partner
Dental Dynamic exclusively services dental practices nationwide. Think of us as your business partner; we offer full service and referral based staffing solutions as well as human resource services beyond staffing, such as background screening and payroll services.


We place dental professionals:

  • Dentists and Associates
  • Hygienists
  • Dental Assistants
  • Orthodontic and Oral Surgeon Assistants
  • Treatment Planners
  • Office Managers and Front Office Staff
  • Bookkeepers and Medical Billers
  • Laboratory and Sterilization Technicians

Full service staffing solutions:

  • Temporary and permanent placement
  • Short and long term leave
  • Vacation, Jury Duty or staff training
  • Fill gaps while your office is searching for permanent
  • Maintain patient care and profit during challenging periods
  • Practice expansion
  • Working interviews