Job Placement for Dentists/Locum Tenens
The Temporary Dentist is in high demand and continues to rise throughout the United States.

Why should YOU consider placement with Dental Dynamic?
Dental Job Placement available from Dental Dynamic Staffing

  • If you own your own practice
    • Times are tough and business is slow, it may be more profitable to pick up a temp assignment and reschedule patients.
  • Going on a vacation? Need time off?
    • Get a temp for your office so that you do not have to close your office!
  • If you are a recent graduate
    • A lot of practices will not hire a recent graduate that does not have field experience.
    • Working on a temporary basis you can gain field experience and build your resume.
  • If you are currently working part time
    • Opportunities to pick up extra shifts and extra cash on your days off.
  • If you are currently working full time
    • Opportunities to pick up extra shifts and cash when the office is on vacation, falling apart and being sent home, and any other time the office is closed.
  • If you are retired
  • Great way to work when you want and where you want after retirement. Not quite ready to throw in the towel, pick up a shift and add that extra cash to your vacation funds!

Why should YOU consider placement with Dental Dynamic?

  • Job Hunt
    • We have access to an extensive database of clients in 25 states
    • Because of our extensive client database, we can find positions at a variety of practice types
    • We work with private practices of all sizes seeking a position to be filled, including:
      • General & Specialty practices, National Clinics, CHC: Community Health Center, Government Contracts and Private Practices.
  • Interview
    • We begin with Interview coaching & resume prep
    • We are aware of what qualities employers search for because of our vast experience placing dentists
  • Contract Negotiation
    • When opportunities arise, we can help with contract negotiation.
    • We’ll do the due diligence and will provide you with access to accurate, current salary trends, bonus, and compensations/expense structure.
    • We know how to get you the salary you deserve!

Why consider temp placement?

  • Paid, risk-free trial before committing to permanent position
  • Experience various practice environments to determine best fit for your personality
  • Exposure to different techniques and equipment; increase efficiency
  • Gain experience in other positions while in Dental School
  • Provide DDS, RDH, DA, Front Office, Management Staff
  • Temporary Assignments to fill voids for Maternity Leave, Medical/Sick Leave, Jury Duty, Holiday or Vacation