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State License Verification

Please note- Not all states offer online license verification at this time.

Alaska http://commerce.alaska.gov/occ/OccSearch/main.cfm
Arizona https://azbodprod.glsuite.us/GLSuiteWeb/clients/azbod/public/WebVerificationSearch.aspx
Arkansas http://www.dentalboard.arkansas.gov/ddsroster/search.php
California http://www.dbc.ca.gov/verification/index.shtml
Colorado https://www.colorado.gov/dora/licensing/Lookup/LicenseLookup.aspx
Connecticut https://www.elicense.ct.gov/Lookup/LicenseLookup.aspx
District of Columbia (DC) https://app.hpla.doh.dc.gov/Weblookup/
Delaware https://dpronline.delaware.gov/mylicense%20weblookup/Search.aspx
Florida http://ww2.doh.state.fl.us/irm00praes/praslist.asp
Georgia https://gadch.mylicense.com/verification/Search.aspx?facility=N
Hawaii http://pvl.ehawaii.gov/pvlsearch/app
Idaho  https://isbd.idaho.gov/IBODPortal/BoardPage.aspx?Board=DHYG
Illinois https://ilesonline.idfpr.illinois.gov/Lookup/LicenseLookup.aspx
Indiana https://mylicense.in.gov/EVerification/Search.aspx
Iowa https://eservices.iowa.gov/PublicPortal/Iowa/IDB/licenseQuery/LicenseQuery.jsp
Kansas http://www.accesskansas.org/dental-verification/index.do
Kentucky https://secure.kentucky.gov/renewalservices/kybd/DentistSearch/Default.aspx
Louisiana http://www.lsbd.org/licenseverification.htm
Maine http://pfr.informe.org/almsonline/almsquery/SearchIndividual.aspx?c=1&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
Maryland https://maryland.mylicense.com/mdbodverif/Search.aspx
Massachusetts https://checkalicense.hhs.state.ma.us/MyLicenseVerification/
Michigan https://w2.lara.state.mi.us/VAL/License/Search
Minnesota https://bodgl.hlb.state.mn.us/GLSuiteWeb/Clients/mnbod/Public/Licensee/LicenseeSearch.aspx
Mississippi http://www.dentalboard.ms.gov/msbde/msbdesearch.nsf/WebStart?OpenFOrm
Missouri https://renew.pr.mo.gov/licensee-search.asp
Montana https://app.mt.gov/lookup/
Nebraska http://www.nebraska.gov/LISSearch/search.cgi
Nevada http://dental.nv.gov/Consumers/License_Verification/
New Hampshire https://nhlicenses.nh.gov/MyLicense%20Verification/
New Jersey https://newjersey.mylicense.com/verification/Search.aspx?facility=N
New Mexico http://rldverification.rld.state.nm.us/Verification/
New York http://www.op.nysed.gov/opsearches.htm
North Carolina http://www.ncdentalboard.org/license_verification.htm
North Dakota https://www.nddentalboard.org/verify/
Ohio https://license.ohio.gov/lookup/default.asp?division=95
Oklahoma http://www.ok.gov/dentistry/License_Verification/index.html
Oregon http://obd.oregonlookups.com/
Pennsylvania http://www.licensepa.state.pa.us/
Rhode Island https://healthri.mylicense.com/Verification/
South Carolina https://verify.llronline.com/LicLookup/Dent/Dent.aspx?div=34&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
South Dakota https://www.sdboardofdentistry.com/verify.asp
Tennessee https://apps.health.tn.gov/Licensure/
Texas http://ls.tsbde.texas.gov/dts-base.php
Utah https://secure.utah.gov/llv/llv
Vermont https://secure.vtprofessionals.org/Lookup/LicenseLookup.aspx
Virginia https://dhp.virginiainteractive.org/
Washington https://fortress.wa.gov/doh/providercredentialsearch/
West Virginia https://wvbodprod.glsuite.us/GLSuiteWeb/Clients/WVBOD/Public/Verification/Search.aspx
Wisconsin http://online.drl.wi.gov/LicenseLookup/IndividualCredentialSearch.aspx
Wyoming http://dental.wyo.gov/public/verification


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Dental Dynamic Staffing

Niko attended the Benco Open House Spring 2019. We love our Pittsburgh dental professionals! If you're in the area or attending, be sure to stop by and say hi! We'll be here until 3:30 today. More photos to come...

Friday March 15, 2019
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7 days ago

Dental Dynamic Staffing

Happy Monday! A little dental humor for your afternoon...
Let's finish off the day strong!

Howard Farran DDS, MBA
Trying to leave the dental office at the end of the day....
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Dental Dynamic Staffing

Nichole and Niko spoke to some of the sorority and fraternity members at the Ohio State University last night. Looks like they had a blast learning about Dental Dynamic and enjoyed Nichole's pulled chicken! Thank you to the members of Psi Omega, Psi Chapter who joined us! ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy Friday! We hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! 😁 ... See MoreSee Less

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Niko and Nichole made it into the magazine for the 2019 Chicago Midwinter show that we attended in February! What a great way to preserve the memories! ... See MoreSee Less

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