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JadeCo partners with DDS to improve search engine optimization and promote jobs for the dental industry. JadeCo creates websites that attract inbound leads by guiding prospects to the right content. JadeCo specializes in promoting companies as industry experts by providing informational content. We leverage search engine optimization (SEO) tools, blogs, video's, social media and other means to help promote your business.

JadeCo partners with our clients from start to finish. We focus on your needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality informational material and content that will attract and engage prospects. We show you how to establish yourselves as industry experts and turn you into trusted advisers in your field.

JadeCo leverages content and SEO to attract customers to your materials, convert them and close new business. We provide you with a platform and ideas designed to delight your customers ongoing and continue to grow your business. We create workflows, blogs, social media strategies, etc to expand your market awareness through LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics and other sites. Expanding your market awareness using relevant content will guide potential customers to your site, generate quality leads and help you close more business, faster.


Marynak Consulting


Debra Marynak works with Dental Offices to help them streamline their clinical systems and teach Dental Teams how to effectively document to avoid risk. I am a strong believer in sound systems, and all systems begin and end with a strong, cohesive Team. I work with dentists, hygienists, assistants, dental office managers administrative staff and their dental labs to help your business run more efficiently.